SLaM events booking form

  • Education and development events at Ortus

    In some cases room bookings at the Ortus may be covered by the SLaM Education and Development department's cost centre for bookings at the venue, only if it meets the criteria of the allocated Education and Development budget
    If your event meets these criteria please complete Ortus Events booking form.

    ** Please note, if it meets the criteria this covers room bookings only and not catering.

    Cancellations - please note Ortus cancellation fees will not be covered by Education and Development's cost centre and must be covered by the budget of the department making the original booking.

    Bookings that do not meet Education and Development ORTUS cost centre criteria

    All other meetings, workshops or events, apart from those above, are not covered by these criteria and must be paid for by your own department's cost centre.

    Please contact Ortus Events directly as above for details on how to make such bookings.'
  • All other SLaM Cost Code Departments

    For events that do not meet the Education & Development Department's Budget criteria, you must provide the Cost Centre Code of your SLaM department below including in the Hospitality section below should you wish to order catering.
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    Including set-up before the event.
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  • Event requirements

    Please see the below image of our spaces for reference.
  • Laptop, Projector / TV screen, Audio, Microphones (available only in selected rooms), Flipchart and Pens, Whiteboard and Pens.
  • Hospitality:

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